L-R Donnie "D-Ray" Durbin, Pam Durbin, Don Clute, Kimberly Clute, Don Smith
L-R Tommie Mabe, Mary Ellen Mabe (back to camera) Larry Spangler, Blinky Waitt (back to camera), Humberto Reyes, Bev Waitt
L-R foreground- Sharon Joiner Hearnssberger, Clara Joiner, Terry Hearnsberger.
L-R- Jim Kikta, Jack Taylor, Jack Flannery, Larry Spangler.
L-R- Bo Briner, Linda Briner (back to camera, Ron Franks, Debby Franks, Bob Price, Arlen Rens, Jim Kikta.
L-R Larry Spangler, Bev Waitt, Blinky Waitt, Alan Stinar, Dick Edwards.
Dave Lynch
L-R Rich Driscoll, Col Tim Patrick
Bev and Blinky Waitt
Larry and Carol Spangler
L-R- Red Hollwedel, Matt Piliere, Ruben Contreras.
L-R- Steve Acra, Tina Acra, Dave "Bags" Harshbarger
Mary Ellen and Tommie Mabe
Dick and Hiroko Majewski
Matt Piliere and Dale Tinline
Carol Driscoll
C.W. and Joyce wilson
L-R- C.W. and Joyce Wilson, Robby Robertson.
Steve "Bookends" Kovalchick and Col. Tim Patrick, CO of MAG-41
L-R Col. Tim Patrick, Con Shuck, Ron Franks, Arlen Rens.
L-R Steve Acra, Rich Driscoll, John Klossner, Dave Harshbarger.
Carol and Rich Driscoll
Mickey and Humberto Reyes
Col. Tim Patrick and Laura Patrick.
Marine Aircraft Group 41 Color Guard
Alan Stinar, MCATA Historian and Master of Ceremonies.
L-R Cerise Poupore, Angie Lane, Craig Poupore, John Lane
Bernie and Joyce Bersano
Reunion Banquet Guest Speaker Col. Tim Patrick
Sara Williams and Alan Stinar
Tommie Mabe
Sharon Joiner Hearnsberger
Eb Mann
Jack Taylor and Rita Bergquist
Dave Lynch and Matt Piliere sporting their colors.
LtCol. Ken Martin, CO of VMGR-234 and Rich Driscoll.
General Membership Meeting
L-R Pete Meyer, Humberto Reyes, Pete Johnson
The Navigators at the Reunion Banquet.
Larry Spangler
Visiting VMGR-234 (Group 2)
Getting a briefing from VMGR-234 officers and flight crew.
Pete Meyer
Julia Cartwright
Pete Johnson
L-R Joyce Bersano, Linda Briner, Bo Briner.
Steve and Tina Acra
Con Shuck and Col Tim Patrick.
L-R Jim Kikta, Jack Taylor, and "Handsome" Jack Flannery
L-R Bob Guest, "Robby" Robertson and C.W. Wilson. Rich Driscoll in background.
A pair of old navigators. Rich Driscoll and Chuck Burgess.
Julia Cartwright. Transporter and photographer.
L-R Jim Kikta, Jack Taylor, "Handsome" Jack Flannery and Larry Spangler.
Sea stories in the hospitality room.
Russ Tucker, Pete Meyer and "Curly" Bob Meyer.
L-R John McKee, Jim Clark, Eb Mann.
L-R (Foreground) Alan Stinar, Steve Kovalchick, Jeff Adams.
Dave Dedrick and Steve "Bookends" Kovalchick.
Jim Clark (foreground) Charlie Smith and Jack Dicksen (background).
L-R Dick Edwards, Bernie Bersano, Charlie Smith, Jack Dicksen.
Charlie Smith and Jack Dicksen
Rita Bergquist
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